Chuck Watts, Elected OH Senate District 17 Representative

Empathy & Human Rights Require #CleanElections

I Can’t Breathe.

All politics are moral. No one says vote my way, because I’m wrong. The decision of who will be the next chair of the Democratic Party in Ohio is a moral decision. In addition, the process by which the chair will be chosen is a moral process. I have confidence in either candidate – Sharen Neuhardt or David Pepper. My concern is about my fellow participants, all good people, and our mutual hypo-cognition, i.e. not knowing what we don’t know.

244363_sWhat’s at stake for me is the integrity of public government, which is threatened by privateers and their accomplices. When professional athletes, who look like my grandchildren, are wearing tee shirts that say “I Can’t Breathe” you know our problem is NOT in Washington DC or Columbus. Our problem is trust in our neighbor to care about us. We have an empathy deficit.

I’ve lived in Ohio since 1983. Perhaps someone can provide the history of intra-party government for us, but I can’t remember ever needing to elect a chairperson mid-stream. Consequently, our senate district representatives elected every two years, 66 in number, elected our chair. The peoples’ representatives elected the chair. Never in my memory has the former chairperson’s appointees, who outnumber the people’s representative, elected the chair. The idea that appointees can join the people’s representatives and elect the new chair is immoral for me and tarnishes the election process.

I don’t know what I don’t know. Maybe the appointed members of the executive committee will resign as Ohio Supreme Court Justice and I have recommended. Maybe they won’t. I don’t know. I’m encouraged that the candidates have acknowledged my concern, as well as a few other members of the executive committee, both elected and appointed. Maybe my hope to build an empathy surplus will inspire the good people involved, who up to now have been silent, to stand up for clean elections. Maybe it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

But it matters to me. And, clean elections beginning in both parties is what I campaigned on during the primary in Senate District 17. Clean elections is one way to try and end privateering. So I hope everyone reading this will understand and appreciate that I’m not letting go of this bone.

We need CLEAN ELECTIONS. Clean elections are a human right. Clean elections are symbolic that we are protecting each other’s back, that we believe in DUE PROCESS. Clean elections is a step to eliminate ignoring our fellow citizens who cry out “I Can’t Breathe.” I hope the appointed members of the executive committee will do the right thing and step down.

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This entry was posted on December 13, 2014 by in Stronger America.

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