Chuck Watts, Elected OH Senate District 17 Representative

Empathy & Human Rights Require #CleanElections

Clean Elections Proposal for OH Dems Chair

Clean Elections

7 December 2014

To: Ohio Democratic Party Executive Committee

Sub: A Clean Elections Proposal for the Sake of Freedom

Dear caring citizens,

The election of a new chairperson is really about protecting and expanding our freedom, which is currently under threat from a strong domestic enemy — an idea. That nightmare idea that threatens our country is that freedom is really just about a few people and not about all of US. My pastor, the Rev. Dr. John Paddock, Rector, Christ Episcopal Church, Dayton, who joined the  Healthcare Is A Human Right Collaboration early recently told me

“I don’t know who should be chair. I’m not even a Democrat anymore. They are all about the money and not about the people. They are all about being in power, scoring points, and winning. When I was a Democrat it was because the party stood for human rights, civil rights, and were the party of the people. No longer. So pick whoever you want.”

My Clean Elections Proposal

Empathy is the soul of our democracy, caring for our fellow citizens, leading to freedom and fairness for all. If I am a caring citizen, who votes in a primary for senate district representative to the Democratic Party, and my representative is subsequently disenfranchised and kept in the dark, I can no longer freely and confidently trust that I am being represented in my party’s governance. This process is by statute and applies to all political parties in Ohio!

As we all know, 66 elected senate district representatives elected Chris Redfern as our chair on June 3, 2014. I was there. None of Chris’s appointed people were there. Now Chris is resigning. And, as our Ohio Supreme Court Justice William M. O’Neil reads the by-laws, Chris’s appointed executive committee members should also resign so that the 66 duly elected senate district representatives can choose the next chair — as it should be.

Chris should call for their resignation. Senator Sherrod Brown should call for their resignation. Justice O’Neil has already called for their resignation. Every candidate for chair should call for their resignation. This makes the election clean — and the new chair, whoever s/he is — should be able to add to the executive committee as the by-laws allow. If they don’t resign, I will make a clean election motion that only the elected members be allowed to vote for the chair.

#CaringCitizens #OccupyCompassion,

Chuck Watts, Male ODP Central Committee Representative

Senate District 17

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