Chuck Watts, Elected OH Senate District 17 Representative

Empathy & Human Rights Require #CleanElections

Guidelines for Framing the Progressive Debate

Caring citizens are the solution who believe empathy and responsibility for self and others belong in public government.

Follow these guidelines by George Lakoff and Elizabeth Wehling everyday in every way:

  1. Don’t repeat conservative language or ideas, even when arguing against them.
  2. If you think you have a language problem, you really have an idea problem.
  3. All politics is moral, and morality trumps policy. Talk about the moral bases of your policy positions openly and regularly.
  4. Facts have no meaning outside of frames, metaphors, and moral narratives. Always discuss facts within moral frames, because people do not reason outside of those moral frames.
  5. Conservatives have defined the central political frames; progressives must redefine them. The Little Blue Book shows you how.
  6. “Moderates,” “independents,” and “swing voters” will use conservative moral frames on some issues and progressive moral frames on others. Reinforce the morality they share with you by using YOUR moral language, not the language of conservatives.
  7. The great ideas — freedom, fairness, democracy, prosperity — each come in two versions, progressive and conservative. So when you talk about those ideas, make sure you are talking about YOUR version.
  8. Repetition strengthens frames. Repeat your own moral frames over and over, every hour of every day of every year.

More guidelines at the Little Blue Blog.

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