Chuck Watts, Elected OH Senate District 17 Representative

Empathy & Human Rights Require #CleanElections

Door-to-Door Canvassing Compassionate Talking Points

Hi, _____. My name is _____. I live in Clinton County and volunteer for Obama for America. In October 2009, the President called on everyone to make a habit of empathy in public life and we need your help.

Will you be supporting the President’s efforts to strengthen the Public’s role in protecting and empowering all Americans?

Strong Obama.   Lean Obama.   Undecided.   Lean Romney.   Strong Romney.

America is divided about its future. Should we keep and expand compassionate democracy that brought opportunity, prosperity, and freedom? The Barack Obama / Sherrod Brown choice.

Or should we dismantle the Public and our moral commitment to each other and let corporations run our lives for profit? The Romney / Ryan choice.

Strong Brown.   Lean Brown.   Undecided.   Lean Brown opponent.   Strong Brown opponent.

Public budgets are moral documents. The Romney / Ryan budget is an Evil budget because it abandons public commitments and eliminates our 1st Amendment freedoms.

President Obama has said, Government created the Internet so all companies could make money. When we succeed, it’s because of individual initiative AND things we do together. Together we funded the GI Bill, built Hoover Dam, sent a man to the moon, educated our children, built roads and bridges, fought fires, built water and sewer projects, built interstate highways. Those were public jobs. We can do that again.

President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown acknowledge an important truth about American private life and enterprise: It builds on the public and our American moral commitment to each other. Romney and Ryan want to dismantle the public and our moral commitment to one another.

Will America’s soul be saved?

Will we trust in God and one another? Or corporations and the 1% markets?

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