Chuck Watts, Elected OH Senate District 17 Representative

Empathy & Human Rights Require #CleanElections


My name is Chuck Watts. I believe in the American ideal of a well-functioning democracy, whose soul is empathy, where citizens care for one another, leading to freedom and fairness for all, which requires a #CaringEconomy and #EthicalBusiness. I am married and have made my living in Wilmington, Ohio, as a financial advisor for Edward Jones since 1990.

I am a life long Democratic Party member and I was elected as the male OH Senate District 17 representative in 2014. I am also the elected representative residing in Union North B precinct, Wilmington, OH, to the Clinton County Democratic Party Central Committee, since 2006, calling for #CleanElections inside all Ohio parties.

I and a life long Republican Party member are members of the First Caring Citizens’ Congress, Wilmington, OH. As a caring citizen partner, I am committed to framing the local political debate around progressive values of empathy and responsibility for self and others in public government beginning in our neighborhoods.

To find out how to create a more compassionate neighborhood where you live ¬†contact me at If you’re a member of a different party AND share our values, I’m not asking you to change your party affiliation. How do we help each other make our respective political parties more empathic and responsible to/for others? How do we strengthen the character of care in our neighborhoods?

Caring citizens are the solution.

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